Dyslexia Day Centre

Written on 06/08/2018
Mike Le Conte

The Dyslexia Day Centre was set up in 1987 to offer specialist tuition, assessments, support and advice to islanders who are affected by dyslexia. We work with schoolchildren from the age of 7 who are referred to us through the States Education Department from the island's primary schools. Whilst we do continue to offer support throughout secondary education, our main focus is on the primary years.

The Centre is given a grant by the Education Department but, as this does not cover the running expenses, we also rely heavily on volunteers and fundraising in order to meet the needs of the island community. We are proud to have raised funds over the years to train 14 full-time teachers, 7 of whom now specialise in teaching dyslexic children and who work both in schools and in our new home in the old St Andrew's School.

We also continually raise funds to ensure that we have the latest equipment that is required both for assessments and for teaching.


Centre Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday (during school term time): 09.00 - 18.00


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