St John Ambulance, Guernsey

Written on 07/17/2019
Mike Le Conte

St John Guernsey aims to improve the lives of everyone in our community.

The charity provides first aid services including Event Medical cover, a Cycle Response Unit and the Community First Responder scheme in partnership with the Emergency Ambulance Service.

St John Guernsey volunteers provide about 1500 hours of first aid cover for events ranging from Liberation Day to school fetes. The charity also has an active youth programme, made up of Badgers (6-10 years) and Cadets (10-17 years) which delivers a range of fun and educational activities, including first aid training for young people.

In addition to these services St John also runs the Care in the Community Library based at the Rohais, providing large and small print books to islanders who cannot access other libraries.


Contacts & Social Media
Telephone:  01481 725211