Shiloh Church

Landes du Marché, Vale, GY6 8BR

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Make a difference! That has to be the catchphrase that best describes who we are and what we are about at Shiloh Church. What’s the point of a faith or religion that makes no difference to our lives or our community? The simple answer is none!

Jesus shows us the way of love, demonstrating God’s infinite love for all of us. “Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength”, he said, “and love your neighbour as yourself.” In essence, that’s who we are. People who love Jesus and come together to worship and serve him. Motivated by his love, we can’t help but do our best to show love to anyone in our community (and beyond, if given the chance). Frankly, nothing else really matters!


Sundays - 10.30 - Worship


Facilities & Amenities

  • Weekly Podcast
  • Creche, Totzone and Kidzone
  • The Gathering (Young people focussed church gathering) Sundays: from 18.00 - 19.30/20.00
  • After Church ( Games, sports, food & fun for Yrs 7 - 13): every other Sunday from 20.00 - 21.30
  • Lyfe Group (Teaching sessions, guest speakers & courses for Yrs 9 -13): every other Monday from 19.00 - 20.30
  • The Zone (Learning about what it is to be a christian for Yrs 7 & 8): Sundays from 11.00 - 12.00 
  • Youth Club (Make friends, play games & relax after school for Yrs 7 - 11): Every Friday from 18.30 - 20.00
  • Guys Nights (A time to hang out with the lads and play FIFA, watch films, eat pizza and more). Once per term
  • Girls Nights (An evening full of activities run by our female team members). Once per term
  • Thursday Fellowship (Worship, a Christian speaker and fellowship together). Every other Thursday
  • Lifeline (Bible Study and fellowship for residents of Rosaire Court). Fortnightly


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